Karin Philipp is Nurse Assistant (Nursing home, Private Hospital) in the year 1991  and in 1997 Diploma in psychiatric Nursing (Psychiatric Hospital Vienna, 1995 - 2006), 2005 Diploma in general Nursing, 2006 University hospital Vienna, Department of Psychiatry (2006 – 2017), 2010 MSc in Psychotherapy (Danube University, opening of a part-time practice), 2016 MBA in Health Care Management (Medical University of Vienna/ University of Vienna), 2018 Health insurance practice for psychotherapy.


Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) has only been discussed in Austria for about 10 years. There are isolated courses for ANP, but no legal basis. At present, APNs are working informally, the profession of Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurse (PMH-APN) does not exist in Austria. The demographic development and the shortage of resources required the reform of the health care system. One focus of health care reform is the nationwide expansion of primary care. Nurses should play a central role here. The high prevalence of mental disorders in the general population requires the use of specialized healthcare professionals in primary care. PMH-APNs could make a significant contribution here, as experts suggest is the optimal use of PMH-APNs in primary care workplaces, where mental health promotion, mental health prevention and mental health services are also in demand. The increasing demands, as well as the increase of autonomy and responsibility in the nursing field, make a reform of the training and an extension of the nursing skills necessary. The introduction of ANP in Austria could raise the attractiveness of the nursing profession and counteract the lack of nursing staff. After clarification of personnel requirements and framework conditions for the implementation of Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Nursing Practice in Austria, the economic evaluation is carried out by means of environmental analysis, strengths and weaknesses analysis and opportunity-risk analysis.