Katherine Anne Saeb

University Hospital-King Saud University, KSA

Title: Effect of diabetic foot ulcer on patient’s life style in the Middle East


The effects of DFU on participants had varied accordingly. Physical effects such as uncomfortable walking, limited movements and activities, and amputation was observed. Psychological impact to most of the participants was depressed, low self-esteem and upset during the first phase and early diagnosis of diabetes. Financially, all the participants had stated that they are having free treatment access to government hospitals. Better understanding about diabetes and DFU was verbalized due to health education provided to them by the health care workers, which lead to treatment compliance and self-care to prevent complications and recurrence of DFU.



The prevalence of diabetic foot ulcer is high not only in the global perspective but also in regional standpoint specifically in Saudi Arabia. This study aimed to explore and describe the lives of clients with diabetic foot ulcer in the Middle East.