Kathleen F Hudson

Kathleen F Hudson

University of Texas at Tyler, USA

Title: Coping complexity model: Coping stressors, coping influencing factors and coping responses


Kathleen F. Hudson currently teaching and clinicals at the Longview University Center, University of Texas at Tyler. She has many years of experience with clinical, management, education and research. She has worked in medical and intensive care units; been an Educator of critical care units, Director of critical care units, university lecturer in Australia and Texas, completed research in Australia and the United States. Her current interests are student engagement, coping, evidence-based practice.


Aim: To depict the complex phenomena of coping involving the stressors, influencing factors, and responses of coping via a mid-range theory

Background: This model expands previous models creating a more complex and comprehensive description than previous work, and connects the stressors to responses, some adaptive and some maladaptive.

Design: Model includes components of initial stressors, key critical coping influencing factors, and various types of coping responses as a response to either healthy or unhealthy responses.

Results: This model portrays a comprehensive overview of the complex and multifaceted concepts of coping, including temporary, effective, and destructive coping responses. A list of key influencing factors is presented to assist with highlighting possible factors that can influence the overall potential adaptive (healthy) or maladaptive responses (unhealthy).

Conclusion: This model can be used for education, clinical, and research applications.

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