Kathleen H Schneider

Kathleen H Schneider

Austin Community College, USA

Title: Title: Cognitive rest: An integrated literature review the Journal of school nursing


Kathleen H Schneider is a Doctoral student at the University of Texas at Tyler, with an anticipated graduation date of May 2018. She is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Austin Community College. She has been a nurse in pediatrics, maternal-child health, and cardiology. Additionally, she served as Academy Lead in a Health Sciences Program in Round Rock, Texas.


Cognitive rest has been suggested as a treatment for school athletes who have sustained a concussion, but the concept has rarely been defined. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive definition of cognitive rest, based on an integrative literature review. The method of synthesis was guided by Avant and Walker’s concept analysis format. The importance of rest is discussed as a nursing intervention and model cases are presented to clarify the concept. Three defining attributes of cognitive rest are established: freedom from physical or mental discomfort; abstinence from mental exertion; and mental and emotional balance. Empirical referents are given as well as a suggested protocol to enable school nurses to form cognitive rest and return-to-classroom protocols that can be adapted to individual school settings.