Ken Stern is the President and Founder of Ken Stern & Associates, a comprehensive wealth manager. Mr. Stern is also a Managing Director of Lido Advisors, LLC where he manages Lido’s wealth planning strategies and family office services. Mr. Stern developed the Alpha System in response to a need for a customized wealth plan, comprehensive estate protection as well as a personalized legacy component. He has earned the title of Certified Financial Planner from the College of Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado.



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Ken Stern & Associates (KSA) is an investment manager and family office. KSA is committed to providing high-quality, effective financial education. Our mission is to enrich, strengthen and empower our trainees to be savvy consumers and astute investors. We present on a variety of financial topics and can customize our education to fit your needs.


We aim to discuss, bring clarity, and provide solutions to the key financial issues facing consumers, investors, retirees, small businesses and executives today. With a dynamic economy and the complexities regarding tax, pensions, retirement and legacy planning, we can all benefit from advanced opportunities and solutions for our families and company. Our presentations focus on coaching your employees on some of our strategies designed to help them grow their assets, minimize their tax burden, and preserve their financial legacy. In these busy times, it can be difficult for employees to find time to seek out the information necessary to understand their financial options.