Kimberly Denney

Kimberly Denney

Stanson Health, USA

Title: Improving physician acceptance of alerts with closed loop analytics


Kimberly Denney is an accomplished senior executive and global commercial leader with more than two decades of continuous success in leading international commercial operations, with a focus in the healthcare and medical device industries. She is an expert in building winning market strategies and directing operations to drive sustainable revenue generation. In 2015, Kimberly published her dissertation on Assessing Clinical Software User’s Needs for Improved Clinical Decision Support Tools. Kimberly was admitted as a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society in recognition of her outstanding career and her prominence as a thought leader.


Previous research identified the average primary care physician sees more than 60 alerts per day requiring nearly an hour of their clinic time to manage. With 90% of those alerts considered unwarranted, improved CDS tools are vital to supporting transitions to value based care and the active engagement of providers. A recent quantitative correlation study focused on physician perceptions of CPOE alerts found a statistically significant affect between elements of alert design and perceived value in improving adherence to ACO quality measures. Application of sociotechnical considerations in the design of provider alerts coupled with near-real-time analytics provides organizations assuming greater financial risk with tools to reduce waste and inappropriate care while supporting improvements in care quality. This presentation will describe the findings from this quantitative correlation research study. A brief demonstration of a novel, advanced alert analytics platform will highlight how organizations might close the loop with their providers to achieve a clinical and financial return on their EHR investments.