Kiyomi Sakata has his expertise in epidemiology of chronic disease such as CVD, cancer, and osteoporosis and passion in preventing infectious disease such as influenza. He had studied epidemiology at the Epidemiology Research Center, School of Public Health, The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center. Awarded the degree of Master of Public Health in epidemiology for a thesis entitled “Changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors in three Japanese National Surveys 1971-1990” Work supervised by Professor Labarthe. Now he is a professor at the Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Iwate Medical University School of Medicine in Japan.



Objective: A community-based intervention study was conducted to examine the effect of consumption of JCM 5805 yogurt on influenza incidence rates and the cumulative incidence rates among schoolchildren in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Methods: Schoolchildren and their parents in Shizukuishi town were told of the purpose, frequency and duration of JCM 5805 yogurt administration. The number of elementary schoolchildren in Shizukuishi town was 780 while that of junior high school students in Shizukuishi town numbered 475. The number of elementary schoolchildren in neigh-boring town A was 208 and that of junior high school students in town A was 121. JCM 5805 yogurt was delivered three times a week to all elementary schools and junior high schools in Shizukuishi town from January 16 through March 18, 2015. The incidence rate was calculated every week as the maximum case number divided by the number of schoolchildren in each school. The cumulative incidence rate was calculated as the total case number during the period when JCM 5805 yogurt was delivered divided by the number of schoolchildren in each school.

Results: JCM 5805 yogurt intake was associated with a two-thirds reduction in influenza incidence rates in Shizukuishi town schoolchildren compared with those of town A. Furthermore, the cumulative incidence rates of the elementary school and combined data from the elementary school and junior high school were significantly lower than those of neighbor town A.

Conclusion: JCM 5805 yogurt intake reduced both the incidence rates and cumulative incidence rates of influenza.

Recent Publications:

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