Lubov Kolesnikova completed her PhD in 1994 and became Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in 2000 year. Since 1999 until present she is a director of Scientific сentre of family health and human reproduction problems of Siberian brunch of RAMS (Irkutsk, Russian Federation). She has published more than 400 papers and serving as an editorial board member of some journals.


Sixty-five patients of the Russian and Buryat nationalities having I type diabetes were examined. All patients examined were born in Buryat republic and were living there. It was revealed that the changes in indices of lipidogramms in patients of Russian population are atherogenic variant of dislipidemia. In this patients’ group there was registered reliable increase of primary LP products – double bonds and diene conjugates for 31% (Р<0.05) and 34% (Р<0.05) accordingly in comparison with the I type diabetes patients of Buryat nationality. During the analysis of the indices of carbohydrate metabolism in the control and patients’ groups there was found reliable increase of lactic acid level and ratio of lactic acid/pyruvic acid in patients of Russian population. Lactic acid content and ratio of lactic acid/pyruvic acid in this group increased by 2.4.

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