Korolija-Marinic D

Korolija-Marinic D

Zagreb University Hospital Center, Croatia

Title: Management of waiting list at national level in Craotia: Reinventing the wheel


Korolija-Marinic D is affiliated from Zagreb University Hospital Center, Croatia


Introduction: Waiting lists are historically one of the biggest problems and challenges of Croatian healthcare system. In 2015, Ministry of Health and Croatian Health Insurance Fund have implemented certain policy interventions to increase availability of health care. Aim: To analyse effect of implemented health care interventions on waiting lists. Methods: Data was gathered by business intelligence system eWaiting lists of Croatian Health Insurance Fund. Data was analysed for period 11/2/2014 to 11/12/2015. Results: In 2015 reduction of 76,861 waiting lists orders was recorded. Beside decrease of orders, reduction of average waiting time and availability of earlier term for medical procedure was recorded. Discussion and conclusion: Policy interventions for reduction of waiting lists in Croatia are primarily focused on supply side of health care system. In future, simultaneously with interventions on demand side, policy interventions focused on demand side of health care system will have to be implemented.

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