Korranit was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She has completed her high school from Triamudomsuksa high school and is studying Medicine in Phramongkutklao College of Medicine. She took part in 1st International Conference of Military Medical Schools 2015 as a liaison.


Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is an essential complication of diabetes as it can result in blindness. Unfortunately, the prevalence of DR is increasing worldwide. Many studies were done in hospital-based but not many concern in community. Cross-sectional study was carried out during 21th-25th November 2015 to determine the prevalence of DR and its associated factors in diabetic patients in rural community, central Thailand. The subjects in the present registry were diabetic patients who were treated in the local sanitarium and agreed to participate in this registry. The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus was made according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) criteria. Fundus examination is done by using fundus photography and diagnosed by an ophthalmologist. The total number of diabetic patients for analysis was 238 patients. Among these patients, the prevalence of DR was 15.5% (n=37) diagnosed using fundus photography. Male (20.4%) was more likely to be DR than female (16.4%). Associated factors which considered significant were age ≤60 years old (25.6%)(OR=3.01, 95%CI: 1.17-7.73, p=0.013) and underlying of renal disease(OR=4.04, 95%CI: 1.23-13.21, p=0.006). The study shows high prevalence of DR in the rural community which healthcare provider should provided opportunity to assess eye examination for diabetic patients by an ophthalmologist to reduce risk of blindness.

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