Kumar Sai Sailesh

Kumar Sai Sailesh

Little Flower Medical Research Centre, India

Title: Vestibular modulation of endocrine secretions: A review


Sai Sailesh Kumar has completed Msc in Medical Physiology from KMC Manipal in 2007. He is persuing phD in Medical physiology at LFMRC affiliated to Kerala University of Health sciences. He has published more than 25papers in reputed journals and serving as co-editor for Asian Asian Journal Of Health Sciences, an international peer reviewed journal.


Stimulating vestibular system by controlling direction, duration, frequency and intensity. Ideal direction, duration, frequency and intensity are yet to be determined. The need for vestibular stimulation can be observed throughout the life from newborns and infants in the cradle to the aged in a rocking chair. Everyday activities such as running, dancing, swinging, falling aside, or driving cars may exert positive and negative effects on subjective well-being. Vestibular system is having extensive interactions with hypothalamic nuclei, autonomic system, dorsal and median raphe nuclei, substantianigra, hippocampal formation and modulates pancreatic secretions. The purpose of this article is to explore the role of vestibular stimulation in treatment of diabetes mellitus and to suggest the translational research in this area.
Key Words: Controlled vestibular stimulation; Diabetes mellitus; Pancreatic secretions.

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