Lacey Durrance, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and author who received her education in Jacksonville, resulting in a Master’s of Science Degree in Nutrition. Her professional experience includes 6 years of nutrition education including instructing at the local University, freelance writing, private nutrition consulting, outpatient nutrition counseling and corporate wellness program design and implementation. Specializing in corporate wellness, she leads the nutrition-specific programs as Nutrition Program Manager.


As we continue to target programs toward the treatment of obesity, many occur in the workplace. While often occurring in the form of a Lunch and Learn or wellness presentation, it is time for new and innovative services to aid our ability to reduce obesity rates. This presentation will educate attendees on how offering additional, innovative services in the nutrition space can improve engagement and impact weight status long-term. Feedback from these services will be shared including outcomes data and implementation strategies.

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