Lama Alshawi has pursued his BSc degree at King Saud University in Health Education Program. She is the Director of Health Education Club and Cultural Social Club at KSU. She is always interested in research that focuses on public health, especially in developing behavior
change interventions and campaigns.


This study provides an overview of workplaces need for health education specialist in Saudi Arabia and provide the explanation of the importance and implications for the presence of health education specialist in all workplaces not merely in the hospitals to achieve overall health for the employees. The study was designed as a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study. The major findings indicate the percent of the responses who dealt with health education specialists (23.5%) which are considered few compared to the whole sample. Also, the responses who dealt with health education specialists proved the presence of the health education specialists contribute to understand and prevent diseases by (26.5%), improve the health of individuals by (25.9%), increase the quality of productivity by (24.1%) and reduce the health care costs by (23.5%). This review seeks to describe the shortage in number and distribution of health education specialist and what extent the workplaces and workers need they presence.