Laura Rocha

Laura Rocha

Federal University, Brazil

Title: Depression and narcissistic personality disorder


My name is Laura Maria Brenner Ceia Ramos Mariano da Rocha and I was born and raised in the South of Brazil. Graduated in Medicine at the Pontifi cal Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUCRS, Brazilin 1983.From 1983 to 1987 I worked in the USA as a fellow researcher in the fi eld of DiabeticNeuropathies at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida.In 2010 I obtained my Masters Degree in Biomedical Gerontology (CAPES Concept 7) at thePontifi cal Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUCRS, Brazil


In our current society, there is a demand that people be, or appear to be, independent and autonomous, individualistic and, consequently, have diffi  culty establishing aff ective bonds, since interpersonal relationships as well as products and services are given the label of disposable. At the same time, body worship, self-image, increased demands on physical appearance, diminish frustration tolerance and the ability to deal with limits, making people more and more isolated and into themselves. Contributing to this scenario, we also have the invasion of privacy, sensationalism and banalization of feelings, highlighting the emptiness and lack of references, so characteristic of narcissism. Narcissism is rarely the reason one appears for medical help. Depression off ers an insight into this balancing act between perceived greatness and proclaimed depravity