Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr

Montclair State University, USA

Title: The synthesis of 3D software in fine art


Lauren Carr joins the Department of Art and Design as Assistant Professor in the Animation/Illustration program. She has worked professionally for Disney Feature Animation, Cinesite, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Dreamworks Animation. Some of her film projects include Tangled, Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little, X-Men United, Rio, and Ice Age 4. Prof. Carr was a character simulation technical director at Blue Sky Studios and, prior to coming to Montclair State University, had taught for the School of Visual Arts in the Department of Computer Art, Computer Animation & Visual Effects.



The experimental art of 3D animation is steadily developing within animation studies. Artists are implementing the powerful tools in 3D software and presenting innovative and inspiring images. My work is motivated by the robust software used in the feature animation and gaming industry. The same third-party 3D software, which is now readily accessible, to produce experimental animation that echoes traditional drawings.

My collaborative method utilizes three art forms—fine art, animation and poetry. The purpose investigates and applies a different technique in 3D software, resulting in a non-traditional 3D animated style. The work I create features myself as animator and director and world-renowned poet Frank Messina.

This notion includes 3D software to the artist toolset as a means to recapitulate their craft. My goal is to convey an unusual aesthetic tone for 3D animation and uncover new forms of study for fine art students. Most animation students try to simulate the conventional "Pixar" style—often times yielding mediocre results, and in my estimation, places an unpropitious barrier separating fine art and technical art. However, this modified approach lends itself to new perspectives for animation and fine art students as they recommence development.

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