Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr

Montclair State University, USA

Title: Connecting 3D Animation and Fine Art


Lauren Carr joins the Department of Art and Design as an Assistant Professor in the Animation/Illustration program. She has worked professionally for Disney Feature Animation, Cinesite, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Dreamworks Animation. Some of her film projects include Tangled, Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little, X-Men United, Rio, and Ice Age 4. Prof. Carr was a character simulation technical director at Blue Sky Studios and, prior to coming to Montclair State University, had taught for the School of Visual Arts in the Department of Computer Art, Computer Animation & Visual Effects.


3D Animation” is commonly associated with characters animating; yet this arguably young medium can create aesthetic expression far beyond characters animated to tell a story. Exploiting 3D animation software by utilizing its tools with traditional art forms and media for experimental art is seldom considered, despite its powerful potential. At the intersection of fine art and 3D animation, students can yield undiscovered creative techniques and problem-solving. There is the powerful potential of discovery in the art academy academia by connecting these two learning paths and likely innovative curriculum solutions resulting in communal learning and discovery amongst students and professors. This session seeks to explore an interdisciplinary approach combining 3D animation software with traditional art media. This conference talk explores theorizing and implementation of methods that combine fine art and 3D animation studies. Presentation embodies the analyses of personal practices of implementing traditional media with 3Danimation software.

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