Leandro Santos de Araujo Resende

Leandro Santos de Araujo Resende

Hospital Regional Da Asa Norte, Brazil

Title: Brazilian public HPV vaccination program: First two years of experience


Leandro Resende has completed his Masters’s degree from State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil. He is currently responsible for colposcopy service and is the emergency manager of HRAN (Regional Hospital) in Brasilia DF. He participates in the Unicamp research group, with Prof. PhD. Sophie Derchain.


Introduction: Cervical cancer is the fourth cause of death in women worldwide. In Brazil, 17,540 women were diagnosed in 2012 with the disease. The screening program for cervical cancer is not organized and cytology (Pap smear) is performed for women aged 25-64 years. The use of quadrivalent HPV vaccine started in 2013 and the first city to adopt the program was Brasilia – DF. Objective: To provide background data for strengthening cervical cancer prevention in Brazil. Describe the importance of a large populational public vaccine program for prevent cervical cancer in the next decades. Methods: Objective analysis of the record of women who received the HPV quadrivalent vaccine in Brasilia - DF in the years 2013-2014. The data was provided for the District Board of Health. Results: Brazilian HPV vaccination program used quadrivalent vaccine and enroll women aged 9-13 years. It was performed at public schools with 3 doses (0-2-6 months), it was funded by the Ministry of Health with no extra cost to the population. 62.854 women were eligible for the vaccinein Brasilia and the coverage of first dose was 94%; 94.04% second dose and 88.86% the last dose. Conclusion: Our data indicate that the vaccination of young women may be the right strategy for prevention of pre-invasive and invasive squamous lesions due to reduce the prevalence and persistent HPV infection. However, it needs an organized vaccination program, with the appropriate target population coverage and to maintain a high rate of adherence of these women.