Li-Chun Tsou

Li-Chun Tsou

Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, USA

Title: Drug delivery device strategy for patient centric therapies


Li-Chun Tsou is currently Global Devices Technical Director at Astra Zeneca where she oversees device operations quality for parenteral diabetic product portfolio. She has been working in biopharmaceutical companies for 20-years from design concept to commercial launch; she leads auto-injectors projects across functional groups and geographic boundaries to support cutting edge drug delivery device technology for patient-centric therapeutics


Parenteral devices have experienced many years of success and continue to be the main stream of fighting hard-to-treat diseases for patients. The strength of injectable drug delivery technology offers targeted treatment and self injection options enabling users to take control of their health. The threat which injectable devices have encountered in recent years is the arm race among biotech companies to develop oral medicine of Hep-C, insulin, anti-TNF, and GLP-1. The opportunity of wearable bolus injector designed for viscous biologics and protein drugs provides oncology patients new devices to reduce in-clinic visit. For answering humanitarian outcry in supplying life-saving drugs in developing countries, blow-fill-seal technology becomes feasible to balance drug supply and affordable price. Market landscape changes and regulatory environment demand prompt Pharmaceutical industry to understand that device innovation and manufacturability are keys to bring cutting edge devices for patients. Many elite gold-medal olympic athletes train themselves harsh as if they were number two. Many prominent Pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs at tremendous risks of cannibalizing their own existing products. They have vision if they do not innovate, their competitors will. In biotech field, maintaining current status is a sure sign to be outdated while everyone else is progressing.

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