Li Hua Huang

Li Hua Huang

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, Taiwan

Title: A Study on Exploring Turnover Status and Its Related Factors among Nursing Staffs in a Medical Center


Li Hua, Huang has completed her master's degree at the age of 31 years from Chung Shan Medical University. She is a Nursing Vice Director in Chung Shan Medical University Hospital. She has more than 21 years clinical work experience. She is the principal member of the Taiwan Nursing Association. She has published more than 20 papers(journal+poster). She used to be a clinical good teacher and a clinical good nurse.


This study aimed to investigate turnover status and its related factors among nursing staffs in a medical center.In a cross-sectional designed study, we enrolled nurses with full-time employment for more than three months in a medical center. A total of 126 questionnaires were distributed by convenience sampling, and 123 valid questionnaires were returned, resulting in a recovery rate of 97.6%.The resigned nurses were mainly female (95.9%), with an average age of 29.9±6.3 years. Among them, 68.3% were unmarried. The average seniority at the time of resignation was 6.9±6.1 years. The ward staff accounted for 43.1%, and staff in emergency and critical care units accounted for 35.8%. Among all causes of turnover, the highest score was due to "work characteristics of nursing", with an average score of 2.98 (SD =1.1).In this study, we exhibited significant differences of baseline characteristics in age, marital status, child-bearing, shift status, work unit, contract retention fee, salary, place of residence, “salary and welfare factors”, “work characteristics factors”, “interpersonal factors”, “development factors” "organization factors" and "environmental factors" between resigned nurses and retaining nurses (all p <.05).The important factors of turnover for nursing staff were: “They experienced physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive clinical nursing works”, “They felt their health was getting worse”. In order to reduce staff turnover rate and to stabilize nursing manpower, the managers should continue to reduce nurse-to-patient ratio, make human resource management to be more flexible, divide the works according to specifications, simplify work processes, and increase salary and welfare.