Lindsey E Jorgensen completed her AuD and PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota, a clinical audiologist and an audiology researcher. Her areas of interest include examining the impact of aging/dementia and traumatic brain injury on speech perception and how hearing aids or other assistive listening devices may improve the processing of speech.


Providing appropriate amplification to patients is more than just providing audibility. Many other factors must be taken into account when selecting options and fitting strategies. Most audiologists and clinicians understand the complexity the patient needs and perspective play into the selection of appropriate amplification. However, once the choices of style/manufacturer/etc. have been made, most audiologists use the same fitting strategy for every patient. The purpose of this presentation will be to discuss what other factors should be taken into account when fitting patients. Additionally, suggestions for changes which can/should be made in the hearing aid software to appropriate fit the young, aging and cognitively impaired patient. Current research findings will be discussed about fitting options for patients who are underperforming or who present with cognitive decline.