Linh Dao

Linh Dao

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Title: From print design to virtual reality


Linh Dao is last year student of M.F.A in Visual Communi cations at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her focus on combining rigorous research with a deeply human lens to create the hybrid context for virtual reality to meet art therapy. She currently working on a virtual reality project, which is dedicated to correcting a patient’s breathing pattern when being treated for lung cancer.


From a designer’s perspective, the idea of virtual reality is, in many ways, similar to hitting the jackpot. It unlocks additional modes of understanding which is crucial to visual communications. Going beyond visual, aural, and tactile, virtual reality provides the kinesthetic and spatial modes. While this is promising, it is also demanding to graphic designers. It requires a number of changes in the design methodology. Hence, the transition between getting from designing for print. mobile, and web and virtual reality is not exactly a smooth one. This session seeks to reach out to artists and designers who are used to work with traditional art media. This conference talk explores implementation of methods that could help to speed up their process of getting into the development space of a virtual reality project. It also offers some design principles that I personally learned that could help retaining the aesthetics of print.

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