Liu Chen Tan

Liu Chen Tan

Link Block Construction Company, Taiwan

Title: Link block protect Taiwan seaports with coastal zones


Liu Chen Tan is currently the President of Link Block Construction Company, contributing to shore protection of Taiwan coastal zone.


Taiwan coast is surrounded by the Taiwan Strait and the Pacific Ocean. Sandy coasts are majority and severely scoured by North-Easterly winter monsoon and summer and autumn hurricane (i.e., typhoon). Link block (shore protection concrete block) are largely placed along the beach or vertical to the beach or even arranged offshore parallel to coast (i.e., offshore breakwater) to induce sediment behind the offshore breakwater to reclaimed the lost sand of beach (i.e., beach nourishment). Link block protect seaport such as Taipei Commercial Port Mailiao Industrial Port and fishery ports etc. Link block has a great function for shore protection and a good wave absorber for breakwater construction. It contributes a great potential ability to prevent wave action on the coastal zone.