Nanhai Maternity Children'sHospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China

Title: Effects of Quality of Life of Autistic Disorder Children


Professor LIU ZHEN-HUAN,is the deputy manager of the Affiliated Maternity and Child Care Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. The director of the Rehabilitation Child of hospital, and the Doctoral tutor of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. Prof. Liu became one of the paediatricians who received the special state Council allowance in China in 1994, was given the title of the prominent contribute youth expert by the Healthy Ministry of China in 2002, Prof. Liu got the honour of “model worker in nationwide”. In addition, Prof. Liu is also the adjunct professor of The Chinese university of Hong Kong and Pharmacy and the Health Institute of Indonesian Ministry of Health. Professor Liu is famous Pediatric Neurology /Acupuncture Doctor in The world


Prof. Liu has the experience of more than 30 years specializing in TCM- Western pediatrics studies and 20 years in rehabilitation for cerebral palsy. He founded the Rehabilitation Centre for Cerebral Palsy of the Affiliated Maternity and Child Care Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,which is one of the world's renowned medical department. Since foundation, it has received more than 30,000 children with mental retardation and cerebral palsy from many countries, including China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Poland, etc. Prof. Liu has also actively involved in the academic field. Since 1993, he has been giving seminars and academic exchange programs with world renowned scholars from Oxford University, Cambridge University, in the field of the application and assessment of the application of acupuncture treatment for brain and cerebral palsy rehabilitation in children throughout the world such as The United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Norway, and so on.


Abstract:【Objective】 To investigate quality of life in Autistic Disorder children. 【Method】 PedsQL4.0 was used to measure quality of life of 200 children with Autistic Disorder and 120 normal children. 【Results】The quality of life of Autistic Disorder group was lower than normal group in the scores of physical functioning were(62.30±25.05),emotional functioning were(53.57±26.69),social functioning were(44.63±27.91),and school functioning(38.69±30.60).The totals cores of PedsQL were(49.86±23.32),with the difference being significant(90.16±13.32、79.09±19.56、86.39±15.45、82.75±16.03、85.23±14.2,P<0.01).Conclusion】 Children with Autistic Disorder took grievous influence on quality of life.