Tsweleng M. L is curently working as Lecturer in Department of Advanced Nursing Science, University of Venda, South Africa. She is registered as a Ph.D. student at the University of Venda, South Africa in 2011, Doctoral research methodology, University of Johannesburg. She completed Mcur (Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science) from University of Johannesburg from 2001-2004 and Bcur I E (Nursing education and Administration), University of Pretoria from 1996-1998. She presented papers nationally and internationally and some publications are still under process.


Background Midwives and the care they provide to women, babies and families are most valuable to countries of the world. In South Africa midwives are key professionals in ensuring that women have a safe and a positive experience during their pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period. Little is known about, the experience of midwives regarding, the culture of midwifery, in their practice Objective This study was designed to explore and describe the culture of midwifery, as experienced by midwives, when providing care to women during labour Methods A qualitative phenomenological design was used. Participants purposively selected in the labour ward of a midwife obstetric unit, in the semi-rural area in the far northern part of Pretoria, Gauteng province, South Africa.Individual-indepth interviews conducted with a semi –structured tool. Data analysed, using interpretative phenomenology. Findings Themes with the detailed description of the experience of midwives regarding the culture of midwifery in their practice during labour, emerged from the findings. Conclusions The findings highlighted the impact of the culture of midwifery in the practice of midwives during labour, a perceived by midwives. This will help to improve and better the practice and inform research