Lu Jia

Lu Jia

Taiyuan University of Science and Technology

Title: The research on technological parameters of short forming process of ring parts


Lu Jia has became a PhD candidate at the age of 25 years in TaiYuan University of Science and Technology in 2014, majored in materials science and engineering. She has published more than 5 papers in reputed journals and 4 patents in CPB .


As essential basal spare part of contemporary mechanical device, ring parts have found wide application in the fields of aviation and space and other industrial. The existing production process of ring parts has exposed many disadvantages such as serious waste of material, energy consuming, long production cycle and un-ideal production quality. The object of this study is to introduce a new short ring processing, which make use of the remained heat of casting to hot rolling directly. Take 42CrMo alloy steel as an example in the research, the technological parameters in the ring processing was investigated by means of experiment research and numerical simulation. The smelting temperature is 1700℃, the casting temperature, depanning temperature and initial temperature of mold are 1520℃, 1050℃, 2000℃, respectively, and spinning rate of the mold in the casting is 6.7r/s The heat preservation temperature and the soaking time in heating process are 1050℃ and 30 minutes respectively, then persistent overheating at the rate of 5℃ per minute to 1150℃ and keep for 5minutes. The initial rolling temperature is 1150℃, the rolling rate is 2 and the range of mandrel roller feeding speed is 0.35mm/s to 2.57mm/s. These parameters offered important reference value for technology research and development in short process, and also promoted the application in short process of plastic forming.

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