Lubna Mushtaque Vohra

Lubna Mushtaque Vohra

Ziauddin University Hospital, Pakistan

Title: Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast and p16 positivity: What does it mean?


Lubna Mushtaque Vohra is an Assistant professor in Ziauddin University Hospital, Karachi Pakistan. She is a dedicated qualified breast surgeon with special interest in oncoplastic, aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. She did her post graduation in general surgery followed by fellowship in breast surgery from Aga Khan University Hospital. She also did European board in breast surgery. Recently, did fellowship in Oncoplastic, aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery under supervision of Prof. Werner Audretsch. She has also been actively participating in research and so many research articles published as authors.


Metaplastic breast cancer are a group of breast cancer subsets which display the coexistence of breast cancer of the usual varieties along with other components such as squamous, sarcomatoid ,chondroid or other tissue types in the same specimen. The presence of p16 positivity by immunohistochemistry as a surrogate marker in HPV related oropharangeal cancer is now well accepted. Whether this is related to other such cancers of the HPV spectrum needs more research. It is with this background that five sequential cases of meta plastic breast cancer were tested for p16 positivity by IHC.

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