Luis Moreno Sánchez

Luis Moreno Sánchez

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela.

Title: Irradiation in central nervous system tumors


Moreno Sanchez is a Venezuelan Radiation Oncologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician, graduated in Hospital Universitario de Caracas in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Caracas, Venezuela, with a fellowship in Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques. Currently works in CDD Radioterapia – Clinica Abreu as an External Advisory and and Assistant Professor in the only radiation oncology residence of Dominican Republic, few months ago was positioned as Radio Oncology Coordinator in the National Cancer Institute Rosa E. Tavares (INCART).


Historically the treatment of brain metastases is viewed with skepticism. The hospitalization by itself prolongs life by one - two months. Treatments with steroids reduce symptoms, but effect is short. Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) have been made mainstay for several decades, increasing survival up to six months, but it has been associated with neurocognitive impairment. On the other hand, when possible surgery is is the gold standard indication in a single or with significant mass effect lesions. In the past decade radiosurgery has become a very popular alternative, with high efficiency and few side effects, but until now 3D conformal radiotherapy or IMRT continue to be most employee techniques, including WBRT with hippocampal sparing.