Lydia N. Melek is a faculty member of the OMS department, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt. She is a member of the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS) and a reviewer in the Peer Review Board of Alexandria Dental Journal (ADJ)


Odontomas are benign developmental tumors of odontogenic origin. They are characterized by slow growth and nonaggressive behavior. Complex odontomas tend to occur in the posterior mandible or maxilla and only rarely reach a considerable size. Radio graphically, the complex odontoma appears as a dense amorphous irregular mass with well-demarcated borders. Occasionally this tumor reaches a large size, causing bony expansion followed by facial asymmetry. Otherwise these tumors are asymptomatic and are accidentally discovered on radiographic examination. We report a rare case of large complex odontoma of the maxilla in a young boy. The tumor was treated by surgical excision under general anesthesia, using merely an intraoral approach without any additional incisions. The lesion was also delivered as one whole mass together with the associated impacted tooth. Although the bone defect was large, uneventful healing was achieved.