Lydia Nabil Fouad Melek

Lydia Nabil Fouad Melek

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: The unique features of oral and maxillofacial infections


Dr Lydia N. Melek has completed her PhD from Alexandria University, Egypt and works as a faculty member of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt. She is a member of the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS), and a reviewer in the Peer Review Board of Alexandria Dental Journal. She is also a holder of the American National Dental Board, and a visiting research fellow at King’s College London, UK. She has multiple published papers in addition to supervision of several master theses at Alexandria University.



Oral and Maxillofacial infections often jeopardize patients’ lives. Most of the orofacial infections are odontogenic in origin, with endogenous bacteria gaining access to deeper tissues. Early infection is often initiated by high-virulence aerobic organisms (commonly streptococci) which cause cellulitis, followed by mixed aerobic and anaerobic infections. As the infection becomes more chronic, the anaerobic bacteria predominate and eventually the infection becomes exclusively anaerobic.

Regional intracranial spread of infection to the cavernous sinus, and also to the mediastinum is likely for those who are immunocompromised and left untreated. This may lead to lethal complications.

In this presentation, the unique pathophysiological features of maxillofacial infections will be reviewed, and therapeutic procedures will be discussed. In addition, a hint will be given about Ludwig’s angina, necrotizing fasciitis, and osteomyelitis of the jaws