Lynette Wallace graduated from University of Sydney in 1994 with Honours. She has been in private practice in Bowral since 1994. She takes a multi-diciplinary approach to patient care, studying both in the USA and Australia in orthodontics and neuromuscular dentistry and kinesiology. She is currently enrolled in the MClin Dent program with BPP University City of London. Her key area of interest lies in looking at the whole body physiological coherence and its links with mouth breathing and dental caries, using biofeedback computer monitoring.


Talks about physiological coherence and how it can be measured with biofeedback computer program as an adjunct to treatment. Effect of mouthbreathing on the autonomic nervous system which takes its cue from breathing frequency and controls 90% of the body’s involuntary functions including immune system response, hormonal response, metabolism and digestion. How biofeedback monitoring is used in mouthbreathing program in conjunction with myofunctional trainers to display and monitor progress using Heart Rate Variability HRV, not only with conversion to nasal breathing but also a changes in emotional state, mental focus, motivation and energy. Relationship of physiological coherence to dental caries and how it activates and deactivates salivary proteins. Relationship of coherence to interproximal decay, How coherence reflects an ordered synchronization between the sympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system in the flow of information throughout the body.

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