Ma Li-na is currently an attending Doctor focusing on Aging in Department of Geriatrics, Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University. She is currently interested in studying cognitive impairment for individuals with hypertension. She has 10+ years of research experience in health and aging. She was awarded the National Scholarship for Graduate students in China. She is a co-author of four books. As a first author, recent publications include 14 SCI journal articles focusing on cognitive impairment, insulin resistance and other chronic diseases in elderly patients.


Aim: To explore the association between morning blood pressure surge and cognitive function in elderly patients with essential hypertension. Methods: 107 patients submitted to 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring were categorized as with morning blood pressure surge (MBPS) group (n=40) and non morning blood pressure surge (NMBPS) group (n=67). Total cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) was determined and MMSE was measured. Results: BPS in MBPS was higher than that in NMBPS (P<0.05). MMSE in MBPS was lower than that in NMBPS (25.98±2.03 vs. 28.86±1.81, P<0.01). Conclusion: Morning blood pressure surge is closely related with the cognitive impairment in elderly patients with essential hypertension.