M A Salman

M A Salman

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait

Title: A physical treatment method as a prevention method for barium sulfate scaling



Barium sulfate (BaSO4) is a hard scaling usually precipitates on the surface of equipments in many industrial systems, as oil and gas production, desalination and cooling and boiler operation. It is a scale that is extremely resistance to both chemical and mechanical cleaning. So, BaSO4 is a problematic and expensive scaling. Although barium ions are present in most natural waters at very low concentration as low as 0.008 mg/l, it could result of scaling problems in the presence of high concentration of sulfate ion or when mixing with incompatible waters as in oil produced water. The scaling potential of BaSO4 will be investigated using seawater at the intake of seven desalination plants in Kuwait, brine water and Kuwait oil produced water. The best location in regards of barium sulfate scaling will be reported, then a physical treatment method (magnetic treatment method) will be used to control BaSO4 scaling using saturated solutions at different operating temperatures, flow velocities, feed pHs and different magnetic strength.