M Harunur Rasid Babu

M Harunur Rasid Babu


Title: Imagine renewable energy can reduce load shedding



Electricity is the major source of power for most of the country's economic activities. Installed electricity generation capacity of Bangladesh is 8525 MW in 2013. Only three-fourth of which is considered to be available. Only 40% of the population has access to electricity with a per capita availability of 136 kWh per annum. The maximum generation was 6675.00 MW in 2013. But the maximum demand is 8,349 MW. Power System Master Plan (PSMP)-2010 study is now underway. The preliminary demand forecast was made based on 7% GDP growth rate. The actual demand could not be supplied for the last few years. The maximum demand served so far is 5244 MW. The electricity development is required to be accelerated to increase access and attain economic development. The desirable economic growth rate would be about 7% p.a. Based upon this preliminary study the anticipated peak demand would be about 10,283 MW in FY2015, 17,304 MW in FY2020 and 25,199 MW in 2025. Government utilities are involved in large scale grid connected renewable energy based power project development. On the other hand, private sector is involved with off-grid home-based renewable energy solutions. Till now, national capacity of renewable energy based power is approx. 50 MW; in which Solar PV application including irrigation and domestic solar electricity is only 1 MW but over the time it becomes the most prominent segment. PDB, REB and IDCOL are encouraging solar home system (SHS) to the people living in the off-grid areas. IDCOL through different NGO has already distributed 1.0 million SHS throughout the country and targets to achieve 25 MW contributions by 2020. Moreover 50 companies in Bangladesh are operating business to grab this 25 MW market over the country. Some of them have already achieved strategic market share. Major players of this market includes: Grameen Shakti, Rahim Afroz, Solaric, InGen Technology Ltd., Hydron Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. Xenergeia International Ltd, Bangladesh Alternative Energy System Pvt. Ltd., Intraco Renewable Energy Limited, Greenfinity Energy Ltd. etc.