M. Jayanthi is working as Senior Research Fellow in Department of Sustainable Organic Agriculture,Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,India.She has completed her PhD in seed science and technology.She has a membership in Life membership in Indian Society of Seed Technology ,Uzhavarin Valarum Velanmai,The Madras Agricultural Journal (MASU)and International society for seed science.


Davana (Artemisia pallens) is an important high valued annual medicinal and aromatic herb of India belonging to the family Asteraceae. India has a monopoly in production and export trade of davana oil and India stands 3rd in essential oil production in the world. Davana is propagated through seeds but the seeds are poorer in germination. Hence, this study was conducted at Department of Seed Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore to standardization of suitable invigouration treatment for seed quality enhancement in davana under laboratory condition. The seeds of davana subjected to different seed invigouration treatments. The treatments are seed invigouration with GA3 25 ppm, GA3 50 ppm, GA3 100 ppm, Thiourea 100 ppm, Thiourea 150 ppm, Thiourea 200 ppm, KNO3 0.05%, KNO3 0.1%, KNO3 0.2% with three different soaking durations viz., 10, 20 and 30 mins. and dry seeds served as control. The observation made on germination %, seedling length (cm), dry matter production and vigour index. The results revealed that seed invigouration with GA350 ppm for 20 min. improved the germination (62%), seedling length (2.4cm) and vigour index (147.6).
Keywords: Davana, seed invigouration, germination %, seedling length, drymatter production, vigour index.