M R Hashempour

Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Using a virtual networks to deliver evidence-based practice: A successful educational experience


Mohammad Reza Hashempour has completed his Doctorate at the age of 25 years from AJA University of medical sciences and postdoctoral studies in general surgery from Golestan University School of Medicine. He has published papers in internal (Iranian) journals and has interest for evidence based practice.


The emergence of the virtual world of education has made it available for students to access data and obtains knowledge. Methods based on the Internet, Technology could correct the old educational system's insufficiencies and was a big change in education. The aim of this study is to represent a successful experience of a surgery resident in Golestan University of medical sciences between 1392 and 1394. This is an educational case report that studies a second year surgery resident's experience about publishing gained clinical knowledge by pictures with regards to the moral principles. For the assessment of the effect on this educational subject, students who visited and followed these pictures on Instagram were used. They were qualitatively interviewed and the investigation questions were concerning the usefulness of this educational method. The experiment of 2 years sharing more than 2100 surgery photos and having more than 10000 followers started in the year 1392. It made it available for medical and paramedical students. In fact, showing all of the general surgeries that are not possible to be performed to students is a positive point to this study. This educational method is a simple way to alternate scientific data and is a new and creative idea to share scientific opinions. It provokes studying because pictures and even videos play the role of hours of theoretical education. It's a planned progress in education. Small important points that can be easily learned through pictures may be so hard to be explained with words.