M Srinivasa Rao is a Professor in GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam, India. He received Doctorate degree in Reliability Engineering from Reliability Engineering Centre at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He received his BE in Mechanical Engineering and ME in Industrial Engineering from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India. He has published his research works in many international journals and presented papers in conferences. His current research interests include condition monitoring, mechanical system reliability, probabilistic risk and system assessment, quality planning and management, reliability and availability analysis and modeling of systems using simulation methodologies.


System reliability and availability are considered as important performance indices. Performance of engineering systems can be assessed by various techniques. The traditional analytical techniques become very complicated and unrealistic especially for modern complex systems. Many researchers have been searching for alternate methodologies for more practical and realistic reliability and availability analysis. There have been attempts in the literature to evolve more realistic techniques using simulation approach for reliability and availability analysis of systems. This research work proposes a hybrid approach called as Markov System Dynamics simulation approach to overcome some of the limitations of Markov process in a simple and efficient way for reliability and availability analysis of systems and to study the dynamic behavior of systems. In this work, various types of complex systems have been considered. The results of the simulation when compared with that obtained by traditional Markov analysis clearly validate the Markov System Dynamics approach as an alternative approach for reliability and availability modeling and analysis. The proposed methodology is applicable for all types of failure and repair rates and it is much simpler compared to traditional approaches.