Macelo Vargas Querino

Macelo Vargas Querino

Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Title: Evaluation of condensate stabilization plant through static and dynamic process simulation


Marcelo Vargas Querino has completed his MS at the age of 22 years from Federal University of São Carlos. He was the chemical engineering for 10 years of food industry. Actually he is doctoral student from Federal University of Santa Catarina in Department of Chemical Engineering. He has experience on falling film distillation of binary mixture and multicomponent mixture, like naphtha.

He is follow of PRH34/aciPG (Human Resources Program / Automation, Control and Instrumentation for Oil & Natural Gas) by PETROBRAS.


Condensate stabilization refers to light hydrocarbon extraction and removal of acid components to meet the marketing standards and it has key role in the industry. Based on actual plant data in the literature, it carried out a simulation using Aspen HYSYS® software to predict the opposite process behavior on some proposed amendments. In the dynamic software module, a control system was tested and configured to stabilize disturbances in the model. The plant behavior to changes in temperature, pressure and power were evaluated. The results showed good agreement. The proposed amendments were presented promising for MEG purification, distillation of the final product, thermal energy recovery and implementation of the control system. 

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