Maham Muneeb Lone

Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Title: Oral Implantology Education in Pakistan


Maham Muneeb Lone presently working at Department of Operative Dentistry, Aga Khan University Hospital,Karachi.his research works include periodontal inflammation,gingivitis,tooth decay.


Oral Implantology is a rapidly evolving area of dentistry which needs to be taught to the undergraduate students. The objectives of this study were to explore the status of Implantology teaching at BDS level education in Pakistan and to assess topics/areas in Implant dentistry curriculum being overlooked at the undergraduate level.
A questionnaire was distributed to faculty of Operative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Periodontics in various dental institutions of Pakistan. The questionnaire gained information on: year of introduction, departments involved in teaching and format of teaching implantology etc. Data was analyzed using SPSS 19.0. Descriptive statistics and frequency distribution were computed.
Out of the 33 forms received, 22 faculty members were fellows of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan or Royal College of Surgeons UK. Oral Surgeons were reported to be responsible for teaching by 19 of the faculty. In majority of the dental colleges, Implantology was introduced after the year 2005. Out of the 23 respondents who placed implants, 17 reported that they frequently allowed students to observe implant surgeries. Lectures (64%) are the mainstay of teaching Implantology at undergraduate institutions.
Oral Surgeons are primarily responsible for implant education at undergraduate level; hence the subject teaching is Surgery oriented. Implant education started in most institutions in last 5-10 years. Topics such as implant prosthetics, bone regeneration and grafting are poorly covered in implant teaching.