Mahamane Kalil Maiga

Mahamane Kalil Maiga

University of Berlin, Germany

Title: Post kidney transplantation diabetes


Mahamane Kalil Maiga, MD, DSc, MPH; FACHARZT internal medicine and nephrology Free University of Berlin Germany 1981; Professor of nephrology title Descartes University France 1984; Adjunct Professor of public health Boston University USA 1988-1991; Head of the Nephrology Department University Hospital Point G, Mali 1981; Professor of Nephrology University of Mali 1981; author of more than 50 publications.


Renal transplantation is the best treatment of terminal renal insufficiency. This therapy is relatively well secured, thanks to the advent of new immunosuppressive agents. These new drugs have decreased the occurrence of acute rejection, but they are purveyors of multiple side effects such as infections, cancers, diabetes de novo after organs transplantation. In order to prevent further morbidity and mortality related to cardiovasculaar disorders in kidney transplanted patients, these risk factors should be identified prior to undertake kidney transplantation.