Mai Salah El-Din has completed her BDS (2003), Msc in Prosthodontics (2009) from Alexandria University, Egypt. She has served as a Dental Assistant in El-Attar Dental office (2003-2006). She is a member of the Alexandria Oral Implantology Association (AOIA). She had been working as a clinical instructor in prosthetic clinical sessions at Dentistry College, Alexandria University (2005-2010). She was a full time teaching assistant in removable prosthodontics department, Pharos University in Alexandria (2010-2016).   Currently, she is doing her Doctor Degree studies in Prosthodontics at Minia University, Egypt.


A direct link was found between surface roughness, the accumulation of plaque and the adherence of microorganisms concerning acrylic resin materials. However, the surface properties of the new thermoplastic materials remain questionable especially after using the conventional finishing and polishing techniques. This in vitro study intended to compare three types of denture base materials in regard to the effect of different polishing techniques on their surface roughness. A conventional heat cured PMMA and two types of thermoplastic materials were used in this study.  Studying surface properties of each material makes the recommendation of the proper techniques easier. The four polishing techniques affected differently the surface of each material.