Majdah Al-Khadhari

Majdah Al-Khadhari

Ministry of National Guard

Title: Optimizing the esthetic outcome in cases with dental fluorosis


Dr.Majdah Al-Khadhari got AEGD certificate from King Abdulaziz Medical City-Dental Center, Riyadh – 2008 , Then she got Saudi Board of Advanced Restorative Dentistry with honor in 2013 from Saudi commission for health specialty, Riyadh . She is working in Restorative Department in King Abdul-Aziz Medical City (National Guard) Jeddah; She is leader of Dental Quality Improvement team of National Guard primary health care centers, Jeddah. She got many awards and she presented many lectures.


Dental fluorosis is adisturbancethataffectsenamel formation due to excessive ingestion offluoride during enamel development.Clinically it manifestedwith various forms of changes. These changes are classified according to variousindices. Over the past decades there wasapparent increase in the prevalence of dental fluorosisamong residents in Saudi Arabia1,2,3,4 .King Abdul-Aziz university Hospital in Jeddah frequently perceived Patients with a varying degree of dental fluorosis, in search for a definite treatment of their problems. According to the degree of Fluorosis, teeth could be restored with different treatment modalities asNon-invasive, Minimally invasive and invasive restorativeprocedures, where bleaching 5,6, microabrasion6, 7, macroabrasion, compositeveneersand porcelain laminate veneers8, 9, 10are examples of these modalities. Selecting treatment modalityto ensure remarkable results, pose a significant challenge to the restorative dentist. This presentationwill provide the audience with a systematic approach inhow to diagnose and manage dental fluorosis by usingThylstrup-Fejerskov indexanddifferent treatment modalities. Practical hints will be highlighted during the presentation thataid in optimizing esthetic outcome for the selected cases.