Majed Al-Dakhee

Majed Al-Dakhee

King Saud University,KSA

Title: Teeth whitening solutions


Majed Al-Dakhee has completed his AEGD from University of South California and Saudi Board of Restorative Dentistry from Saudi Commission of Health Speciality. He is the Director of Dental Department at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, King Saud University Medical City, a premier Academic and Service organization. He has published more than 3 papers in reputed journals and has been Program Director in Restorative Dentistry Board Program.



When teeth become discoloured, especially when they become darker, there is a lot of time and money that is invested into improving the color of our teeth. The way our teeth look is of great importance to many people. Majority of us think that our smile is not white enough to be called as attractive smile. Although an attractive smile may be perceived by some as not a big issue, studies have confirmed that a whiter smile plays an important role in perceived self-esteem and success. In this systemic review lecture I go through an update of what dentistry reach in 2018 to make teeth whiter.