Majid Salman Al-Mohaidaly

Dentist at ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia

Title: Electronic Dentistry: An essential shift of the future


Majid Salman Al-Mohaidaly. (BDS , General Practitioner Dentist - GPD) was born in Afif , Riyadh - Capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . He was graduated from King Saud University, College of Dentistry with the degree of BDS - (DDS) , completed his Bacchularate Degree in Dental Science in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the University of King Saud and received the title of General Practitioner Dentist - GPD at 2008G. After that, he became a General Practitioner Dentist at the General Administration of Medical Services - Ministry of Interior - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Department of Dentistry for 7 Years. . He carried out a wide research and has many publications in Dental Science covered beside some local and international journals. . He also holds a position of the Director of dental Department at the Technical Affairs Security Forces Polyclinic - General Administration of Medical Services - Ministry of Interior


Electronic Dentistry is an exciting and relatively new field of dentistry that fuses electronic health records, telecommunications technology, digital imaging, and the Internet to link health providers in rural or remote communities. For the patient located in underserved or remote areas, Electronic Dentistry improves ready access to preventive dental care and teleconsultation with specialists. It allows the dentist in the nearby community to provide easier access to preventive care t a patient who,otherwise, probably will not seek care. Most dentists and dental educators are unaware that Electronic Dentistry can be used not only for increased access to dental care, but also for advanced dental education. This review discusses the history,scope, and applicability of electronic dentistry by considering the literature from various sources. This is an attempt to reinforce the awareness on electronic dentistry among the dental practitioners in developing countries