Malvika Chaudhary ia the Regional Coordinator Plantwise-Asia- CABI, India


Plantwise is a global program focused on complimenting diagnostic and advisory services of national agricultural extension systems in developing countries. Under this program partnerships with ministry of agriculture is sought and program is implemented with their support. It comprises of training the extension workers as Plant doctors, running plant health clinics and giving farmers actionable knowledge. Though globally this program runs in more than 40 countries, in Asia it has been adopted by eleven. It is observed that progress of the program is dependent on the national policies and extent of development of agricultural extension in the country. A recent study on partnerships shows that extent of these partnerships changes in the different phase of the program. The various phases range from assessment stage to sustainability. National partners and facilitator (in this case CABI) has varying roles through the different stages. The status of each PW Asian countries is assessed keeping governance, operations and funding in consideration. The increasing role of national partner explains the ownership and success of the program in the country. The contributions made by the national partner can be in form of manpower, kind, fund or policies. This program operational since 2011 is in the third year of operation. The keen interest of donors is to achieve sustainability of program in the countries.

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