Manal Kamal is an academic person from the Department of Clinical and Chemical Pathology at Cairo University, Egypt. His research interest includes Molecular Pathology, Clinical and Molecular Genetics.


Abstract Aim: To assess the impact of Cytochrome P450 3A5 (CYP3A5) and multidrug resistance-1 gene (MDR-1) single nucleotide polymorphisms on the dose and blood level of tacrolimus among liver transplanted patients. Patients & Methods: We enrolled a prospective study of 41 liver transplanted patients. Dose adjusted through blood concentration (C/D ratio) was calculated. Polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism followed by sequencing was done for genotyping of CYP3A5*3 (6986A4G). Results: At 1 week, 1 and 3 months C/D ratio were significantly lower in CYP3A5 expressers *1/*1 patients compared to non-expressers *3/*3. Conclusion: CYP3A5 (6986A4G) genotype, rather than MDR-1 (2677G4A/T) variant has an impact on tacrolimus pharmacokinetics.