Manche Santoshi Kumari

Manche Santoshi Kumari

Manche Santoshi Kumari, Osmania University, India

Title: Influence of Diabetes on Hearing Loss in Elderly subjects with Otological Disorders


Manche Santoshi Kumari completed her Ph.D work from Osmania University and has submitted her thesis.  She is a research scholar of Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases. She has participated and have given oral and poster presentations in National and International conferences. And she international papers to her credit.


Diabetes mellitus characterized by alterations in levels of glucose affects multiple organ system including auditory system. Hearing loss is one of the most common otological disorders in adults with diabetes. This study aims to identify the distribution pattern of hearing loss in adults suffering from diabetes affected with otological diseases. A total of 348 cases above 40 years of age with confirmed otological disorders presenting hearing loss visiting MAA ENT Hospitals, Hyderabad, India were considered for the study. Hearing loss was evaluated using pure tone audiometry and average for the frequencies at 0.5, 1and 2 KHz was recorded. Among the diabetic cases, 65.5% were males and 34.5% were females. 66.1% of the diabetic subjects suffering from hearing loss showed pathological changes in the middle ear followed by inner ear (31.6%) and outer ear (2.3%). It was also observed that 37.9% of the total diabetic subjects were in the age group of above 60 years followed by 40-50 years (35.1%) and 50-60 years (37.9%). With regard to pattern of hearing loss among diabetic subjects, 44.3% showed conductive form, 38.5% sensorineural and 17.2% showed mixed hearing loss. 33.2% and 13.8% of the diabetic subjects showed tinnitus and vertigo respectively. The present study revealed the significant contribution of co-morbid condition of diabetes mellitus to hearing loss in otological disorders.