Mandob Enyegue Damaris

University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Title: Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among University of Yaounde I campus police workers


Mandob Enyegue Damaris has completed her PhD from Yaounde I University, Cameroon. She is a Biochemistry Lecturer at Higher Teachers Training College. She has published more than 14 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as a Reviewer of Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa.


Objective: Metabolic syndrome studies are still scarces among Cameroonian population and few studies have been done among workers community. This study aimed to estimate metabolic syndrome prevalence among campus police workers of Yaounde I University, Cameroon.

Methods: A total of 53 workers (six women and 47 men) voluntary participated in the study; they were aged between 20-55 years. For their studied data, they were referred to the Andre Fouda Medical Fundation in Yaounde. Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed using Adult Treatment Panel-III (ATP-III) 2001 guidelines.

Results: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome among workers was (5.66%). Low HDL cholesterol (54.72%), high blood pressure level (41.51%) and abdominal obesity (20.75%) were respectively the commonest metabolic syndrome features. 5.66%, 0% and 0% had three, four and five criteria for metabolic syndrome, respectively. A high proportion (79.25%) of the workers had at least one metabolic syndrome abnormality.

Conclusion: Although metabolic syndrome prevalence is still low among campus police workers of Yaounde I University, a high proportion of them are already at greater metabolic syndrome risk. Annual medical check-up and educational programs for cardiovascular diseases in these workers should be an efficient measure for good cardiovascular health. 

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