Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology(Banaras Hindu University), India

Title: GOD doesn’t play dice


Dr. Manish Kumar has obtained B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from MNNIT, Allahabad, M. Tech. (Energy Studies) and Ph.D. (Plasma Physics) from IIT Delhi. He has rich experience of more than twelve years in teaching, research and training. His areas of interest in teaching and research are Hybrid Energy system, Optical fibers, Terahertz Radiation Generation, Surface Plasma Waves and Plasma Physics. He has published more than 8 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial advisory board member of repute. He has travelled widely across the globe (Canada, China and Japan etc.) under various international conferences. He has brought under the F.A.S.T. scheme of MHRD a Center for Energy and Resources Development (CERD) for IIT (BHU). Presently he is working on the project “1.5 MW Integrated Dairy and Smart Hybrid Energy System” with vision of empowering the villages of India to be self-dependent and have a modern outlook. Various states like Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Jharkhand etc. have offered him land & invitation to set up this project. He has also setup a prototype lab for this project in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT (BHU). Prior to this assignment, Dr. Manish Kumar has worked with Modipon Fibers Company Limited & Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and has contributed in successful launching of Mobile network of BSNL. Presently, he is working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT (BHU).


If E = 0 then there is no discussion, so we can rule out this possibility or this also implies that when there is nothing still there is GOD i.e. everything in the universe/multiverse is originated from “Zero” which also describes GOD’s characteristics. If , then it implies GOD’s position does not change or it can be said that GOD is everywhere in the universe/multiverse so this is also true for GOD. Third possibility is i.e. time period is infinite, then also our hypothesis is justified. It is what GOD is, whose time period is infinite, rest all the quantities in the universe/multiverse are having finite time period. It is the justification for GOD doesn’t play dice.

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