Marco Parente has completed his University degree at the Department of “Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco” of the University of Turin. He is collaborating with the department on different projects. He won the award, “Young Pharmacist of the Year 2015” for the project “Quaderni del Master Chiara Colombo”. He is correlator of thesis of different topics with particular interest about diabetes food supplements and diabetes disease. He presided as Lecturer in different conferences.


The counselling of the community pharmacist may significantly contribute to improve patient’s compliance to the drug therapy, thus leading to an improvement in local healthcare and decrease costs. However, so far, this specific skill doesn’t provide an immediate economic fee. Very recently, pharmacists of the Piedmont region have been involved in the Inter-Athenaeum Project in Community Pharmacy, which aims to improve prevention and compliance for diabetes and other most common chronic diseases, including heart failure, dyslipidemia, and COPD. The project is based on the administration of questionnaires to pharmacy’s customers to evaluate prevention and patient compliance. The first step of the project is based on the attendance of specific training by pharmacists of the Piedmont Region. Focusing on the section of the project dealing with diabetes, we tried to answer to the following question: A management based on the training provided by the project and the new patient-centric approach can increase the earnings and inputs in pharmacy? The analysis has been performed comparing the 15 most effective pharmacies that have submitted more than 40 questionnaries/3 months, 46 that have submitted more than 15/3 months with the rest of the Piedmont. Our partial results show that most effective pharmacies had an increase in the number of inputs (22860 for the pharmacy that submitted more than 40 vs. 19124 to the medium of the Piedmont pharmacies) in the period between January and April 2015, but it is unclear whether there is also an increase in sales related to adherence to the project.