Maria Donnelley

University of Texas, USA

Title: Health stewardship: A concept for best health outcomes


Maria received her PhD in nursing in 2018 from the University of Texas at Tyler. She is a registered nurse, certified in gastroenterology, and the infection preventionist, Risk Manager, and a Staff Nurse at an outpatient endoscopy center in Austin, TX. Her published articles explore the life and health situations of patients to help them achieve best health in any state of illness. She developed the functional mastery of health ownership © model that was used in her research in the patient population she cares for that are affected by Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.



As the rate of chronic illness in the general population rises, the emphasis toward guiding our patients to wellness becomes greater. The concept of health stewardship and responsibility for self is a shift toward individual choice to take better care of oneself rather than to leave decision-making to providers and caregivers. Desiring the best health outcome regardless of our patient’s health situation is nursing’s primary goal. Exploring health stewardship as a path to wellness will help providers guide patients to reach their potential health